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Monday, November 19, 2018

15 things to know before buying a second hand car, do not regret later

  USHA MISHRA       Monday, November 19, 2018
Today, we are going to tell you what are the 15 things you should know about before buying a second hand car. If you keep these things in mind, you will not be harmed or you will have to repent later. So you know about these 15 things that will make your second hand car a dream car.
Before buying a secondhand car, please check the car's odometer. Indeed, the odometer of the car is compromised to sell at a higher price several times. Understand in a straightforward language, if the carriage is 1 lakh kilometers, then it can be easily made 40,000 kilometers by tampering the odometer.
second hand car

Be careful with brokers
Beware of brokers when buying secondhand cars In fact, in the commissioning cycle, the brokers give you the wrong information about the car and give it a bench, after which you have to face the problem later.
Buy Secondhand Car from Athorized Company
It would be better if you buy the secondhand car with an unknown or broker instead of buying it from an orthrised company.
How much will come
Even after buying a secondhand car, there are many things in it that customers have to customize themselves. In this case, please note that how much more you have to spend in customizing the car.
Car exteriors
Before buying a secondhand car, carefully check the car's exterior if it does not have any dend or scratch marks. Also see also what is the tire and lights.
Car interior
The interior section of any car is quite important. In this case, check the car's infosystems, belt seats, dashboards and other things as well.
The cabin
The journey in any car will be comfortable, depending on its seating arrangement. Just like how are the car seats, how the legroom is and what is its headspace. So, before buying a secondhand car, check to see how these features are in your car.
No loan on the car
Find out about the secondhand car you are buying, so that the car is not on the loan. And if the loan has been taken on the loan, is the owner of the car full loan or not?
Car background
Before buying a secondhand car, find out what the car's background is like? It has been used for domestic work or for commercial purposes.
Crime or Accident is not included in the car
Before buying a secondhand car, definitely note that there has been no crime in it.
Do paper work complete
Before purchasing a secondhand car, check all the necessary paper and keep it with you.
Carriage test
Before buying secondhand car, test it by running it on highway, city and village roads. This will tell you the real condition of the car.
Somewhere the car is not stolen
Many such cases have been reported where customers buy the car by paying them and later they know that the car is stolen. In this case, check the car registration number and insurer. Also see also that the car number is the same as given in the paper. Also, find out there is no FIR lodged about this car.
Car owner's background
Find out the background of his owner before buying secondhand.
What is the price of the car market
Before buying the car you are purchasing, find out what its value is in the market.

Thanks for reading 15 things to know before buying a second hand car, do not regret later

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